Updates to GB7SE

GB7SE has been running now for over a week and so far has been working well. We wanted to bring you a few updates which have happened over the last week. A number of user activated talk groups have been added to ensure everyone can still take part in the weekly monday night net and speak to people attending the Dayton Hamfest. More details below on what User Activated is.

User Activated Group

The core DMR-MARC team has introduced a number of UA (user activated) talk groups. The purpose of these groups is to better manage the traffic across the worldwide repeater network. As you may be aware it is a requirement for all DMR-MARC linked repeaters worldwide to carry Talk Group 1. Talk group 1 is a worldwide talk group and when a user uses this talk group it will transmit across all the repeaters. For this reason it is best practice to limit the QSO on this talk group and had been practice to then QSY to talk group 13. Again this talk group is added to many English speaking repeaters and due to increases in traffic another solution was looked for. This is where user activated groups come in.

Repeaters carrying these talk groups do not transmit them in the same way as TG 1 or TG14. The “User activated” part means that the user has to initiate a call to the talk group and at this point the repeater they are accessing via will link to the talk group. Therefore only those repeaters which have been linked by a user locally will carry the traffic. There is a 5 minute time out, at which point it reverts back to normal passing traffic from the usual Slot 1 talk groups.

The suggested best practice now would be to initiate a CQ call on TG 1, and then QSY to TG 113 or TG 123.

In addition to TG113 and TG123, GB7SE will also be carrying TG119 and TG129. These new talk groups are again worldwide but are specifically for any language. These were commissioned for the forthcoming Dayton Hamfest. So to ensure everyone has access to these we have added them to Slot 1.

Any queries around how to program these new talk groups into your radio feel free to contact us, or if anyone has any questions please feel free to get in touch using the “Contact US” form.feat

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